Tahi Honey in Singapore!!

Manuka Honey

We are pleased to share that Adel-M have partnered one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand, Tahi Estate to bring the most natural Manuka Honey Products to consumers in Singapore. Tahi’s Manuka Honey is UMF® rated and sustainable produced in Northland, New Zealand. No Added water, sugar or chemicals. Our honey is kept the most natural way it is intended to be. UMF ® is your guarantee that this is pure, unadulterated Manuka Honey that scientific research shows has unique naturally occurring antibacterial properties not found in any other honey.

We encourage all readers to find out more about the history of Manuka Honey, the benefits of UMF® rated Manuka Honey and the extensive research on Manuka Honey. It is never too late to start consuming Manuka Honey.

Do also keep a lookout on this space often for updates on new and interesting recipes you can create with our Manuka Honey. We also welcome you to share yours with the community so that everyone can benefit. Drop us a note with your creation and we will post it here.

Buy Tahi Honey and do your part for the environment and community today.

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