New Packaging for Umf 15+ and Umf 20+!!

The latest batch of Umf Manuka Honey have arrived!!

And with the new batch of manuka honey, Tahi have also made some changes to the packaging of the Umf 15+ and Umf 20+ manuka honey. Under the new packaging, Tahi Umf 15+ and Umf 20+ manuka honey will only be available in the 250G jars instead of the previous 400G and 280G jar packaging.

Manuka Honey with Umf rating more than 20 is considered very rare because not many Manuka plants produce nectar with this level of UMF®. Thus, the supply of Manuka Honey with this level of UMF® is extremely limited. Only few authentic brands from New Zealand are able to produce such high quality Manuka Honey & Tahi Honey has definitely placed itself among New Zealand’s premium and trusted brands.

With superior levels of activity, the potency of this honey makes it most suitable for topical application. Tahi  UMF® 20+ Manuka Honey can effectively treat wounds such as burns, cuts and dermatitis as well as infections caused by staph bacteria (Staphylococcus).

We hope to bring to you more premium products soon.

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